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God’s Kingdom Comes!

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In God’s Kingdom Comes! [General Epistles & Revelation], we tackle the last books of God’s Book. The letter to James is straightforward enough, reminding us to control our tongues, while 1 Peter gives us courage to face hard times without losing hope. But God doesn’t always just come out and say exactly what He means. Revelation, the final book of the Bible, is full of symbols, signs, and prophecies that can be a little confusing at times. In it, John gives us a glimpse of the future, painting a vivid picture of what it will be like when God’s Kingdom finally comes and all things are made new!

Run time: Approximately 60 minutes

God’s Kingdom Comes! contains these favorite Bible stories and concepts:
  • General Epistles
  • Controlling our tongues
  • Revelation
  • Symbols in Revelation
  • New Heaven and New Earth
  • Bible Review