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Friends and Heroes Homeschool Unit Studies

Friends and Heroes award-winning adventures and Bible stories on DVD accompanied by an exciting cross-curricular Homeschool Unit Study - easy-to-use, hands-on, attractively designed, colorful and FUN! Each unit provides a wealth of interdisciplinary studies for your home educated children. The material is highly adaptable and may be easily incorporated with your other homeschool activities.

Continue reading below the resources list to learn about the features of the curriculum, what it includes and the subjects covered. You can also download samples and learn more about our flexible purchasing options.

Click here to learn about the features of the curriculum.

Unique Homeschool Curriculum:

  • Ideal for students 7 to 11 years of age
  • 13 Unit Studies per Series - each Unit Study featuring at least two themed Bible stories (usually one Old and New Testament)
  • Printable and reusable - use with multiple children simultaneously or over multiple school years
  • Plenty of hands-on activities in each chapter to encourage kinesthetic learners and to keep younger fingers busy
  • Opportunity for your children to create their own books as they progress through the curriculum (Macky's Journal) - great keepsakes for the children and records of progress
  • Certificates of Achievement - great motivators and rewards for your hard-working children

Each unit covers:

  • History/Geography - detailed, age-appropriate exploration of the Ancient Roman Empire and daily life in Early Church times
  • Science (creation-based) - includes hands-on learning projects and investigations
  • Creative writing - inspired by exciting video material with stories and characters children love
  • Bible study - integrated closely into the whole learning experience, teaching children the relevance of important Biblical truths in their lives
  • Crafts - great hands-on learning related to the subject material of each Unit Study
  • Discipleship - dealing with issues relevant to the life and challenges in a homeschool family - chores, training, generosity, hopefulness, loving siblings, etc.
  • All subjects are taught from a Christian worldview
  • Click here to download a correlation of the learning objectives, themes and curriculum links for all 13 Unit Studies.

Each Unit Study includes:

  • All parent and children's materials on CD-ROM (also available by download) - printable and reusable resources
  • Parent's Guide - includes answer keys, certificates of completion and internet links
    • Download the Series Teacher's Overview
    • Download a sample of the Unit Study 1 Teacher's Guide
  • Student Manual - learner-centered and self-guided
    • Download a sample of the Unit Study 1 Student Manual
  • Friends and Heroes DVD containing one full-length adventure episode which serves as stimulus material for cross-curricular studies
    • Click the the "Play" button below to view a video excerpt from Friends and Heroes Episode 1 that correlates with the curriculum samples above

To view the video full screen, double-click the YouTube screen after selecting the Play button.

Available as individual DVD-based Unit Studies or in boxed Series Sets of 13 units. Flexible buying options include:

  • Individual Unit Studies
  • Boxed Series Sets of 13 Units

If you already own Friends and Heroes DVD episodes, Unit Study curriculum materials are also available on:

  • CD-ROM or
  • file download

To order only Unit Study curriculum without the corresponding DVD, choose the Unit Study of your choice from this page above. Then click either "CD-ROM" or "Download" from the Homeschooling Pack Type drop-down menu. The appropriate type will automatically show up in your shopping cart.