Why Do We Call It Christmas? Church Edition

Why Do We Call It Christmas? Church Edition

Why Do We Call It Christmas? Church Edition will send your children's ministry on an adventure from India to Indiana and Buck Denver and friends explore the history and tradition of Christmas!
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Why Do We Call It Christmas? Church Edition

This complete media-rich curriculum is based on the new Christmas DVD from VeggieTales and What’s in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer. Join intrepid newsman Buck Denver and all of his friends on an amazing journey into Christmas that will have your classroom singing and laughing and creating all the way through the Christmas season!

Designed specifically for the elementary ages, the Why Do We Call It Christmas? curriculum was built with the holidays in mind – it’s easy to use for volunteers and perfect for large groups. This 4-lesson curriculum pack has everything you need on DVD, DVD-Rom and CD-Rom. 

When you order, you will receive 3 discs:
* Classroom DVD (fully mastered DVD with 4 weeks of videos and bonus features, including sing-along worship songs)
* Video & Music Clips DVD with media files you can put into presentation software or play from your computer
* Print Materials (PDFs and customizable documents)

Why Do We Call It Christmas? features 4 weeks of lessons:
1. The BIG Questions of Christmas
2. Jesus’ Birth
3. The Origins of Hanukkah
4. Emmanuel & The Christmas Story

Each lesson contains:
* 3 videos
* 3 small group activities
* games and music
* online companion for families at home
* online and mobile access to curriculum for leaders

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