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The Pentateuch (Promo)

Sale: $19.99
Reg: $44.97
You Save: $24.98

This starter-pack is perfect for an introduction to the whole series - the first 3 DVDs take your family through the first five books of the Bible - starting with the beginning...Genesis.  Start enjoying the series now!

In the Beginning [Genesis] 

Buck Denver and his friends kick off their adventure through the whole Bible – and you’re invited to come along!

Let My People Go [Exodus] 

Genesis shows us how God is at work in the lives of the Patriarchs, introducing us to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, and setting the scene for the next book – Exodus.

Wanderin’ in the Desert [Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy] 

Buck Denver and friends explore Leviticus and all its rules, learning what they mean and why we still follow some of them today. We also learn that through the hard times, God is still faithful!