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Spreading The Good News! - Group Viewing License


The Spreading The Good News! (Volume 11) Group Viewing License includes:
- site license to show What's In The Bible? Volume 11
-reproducible $5 off coupon for DVD 1  
After Jesus’ resurrection, His followers are left wondering what to do – until the Holy Spirit shows up! His arrival at Pentecost gives them the power to share the Good News about Jesus with the whole world, and they don’t waste any time. In Spreading the Good News! [Acts], follow the apostles as they take Jesus’ message from Judea and Samaria to the ends of the earth. Peter spends his time preaching mostly to the Jews, until God shows up and gives the word that the Good News is for everyone (Gentiles included)! It looks like there’s danger ahead when someone named Saul makes it his mission to kill the new Christians, but God has another type of mission in mind for this man. Saul gets an extreme makeover on the road to Damascus when he meets Jesus, becomes a Christian, changes his name to Paul, and spends the rest of his life telling everyone he meets about God’s transforming love!

Run time: Approximately 60 minutes

Spreading the Good News! contains the following favorite Bible stories and concepts:
  • The Apostles
  • Pentecost
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Peter Preaching
  • Peter and John Arrested
  • Peter’s Vision and Cornelius
  • Paul’s Conversion & Preaching
  • Paul’s 3 Journeys