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Jesus Is The Good News! - Group Viewing License


The Jesus Is The Good News! (Volume 10) Group Viewing License includes:
- site license to show What's In The Bible? Volume 10
-reproducible $5 off coupon for DVD 1  
In the Gospels, we get up close and personal with the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus, learning about our place in the kingdom of God along the way. Jesus is the Good News! [Matthew, Mark, Luke & John] covers the 400 years between the Old Testament and the New Testament before digging in to the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We walk with Jesus and his closest friends as he delivers the Sermon on the Mount, feeds 5,000, breaks bread at the Last Supper, and gives His life for our sins before God raises Him from the dead. Jesus shows us firsthand what life in the kingdom of God is like – and invites us all to be a part of it!

Run time: Approximately 60 minutes

Jesus is the Good News! contains the following favorite Bible stories and concepts:
  • Intertestamental Period
  • John the Baptist
  • Jesus’ Miracles, Healings & Teachings
  • Jesus Feeds 5,000
  • The Kingdom of God
  • The Last Supper, Jesus’ Arrest and Trial
  • Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection
  • Jesus’ Ascension