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Church Edition Vol. 4: Battle for the Promised Land


In Volume 4, journey into the Promised Land as Joshua and the Israelites fight to make Canaan their new home. But the Israelites keep turning away from God, so he sends 12 judges, including Deborah and Samson, to point them back to the One who gave them the Promised Land. Learn all about the story of Ruth and Boaz to finish this month’s curriculum!

Each Church Edition volume contains 4 weeks of customizable lessons for your children’s ministry, and includes videos, leaders guides, printable games and activities, take home cards and more!

Learn more about the Church Edition here and check out FAQs here. View an in-depth scope and sequence for Volume 4 here.

Battle for the Promised Land includes these favorite Bible stories and concepts:
  • Historical Books
  • Joshua
  • 12 Spies in Canaan
  • The 12 Tribes of Israel
  • The Promised Land
  • Judges
  • Cycle of Apostasy
  • Ruth