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About Us

What’s in the Bible?

What’s in the Bible? is a new DVD series from VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer designed to walk kids and families through the entire Bible, Genesis to Revelation. The new DVD-series began releasing March 1, 2010, with new DVDs releasing frequently.  DVDs 1-10, which cover Genesis through the Gospels, are available now! 

Phil Vischer and Jellyfish Labs

In 1990, 24-year-old computer-animator Phil Vischer sat down to create a group of characters that could teach Christian values to kids in a delightfully different way. A tomato named Bob and a cucumber named Larry were born. VeggieTales would go on to revolutionize Christian filmmaking, selling more than 50 million videos and placing Phil’s faith-filled stories in one in every three American households with young children. Phil continues to pursue innovative new ways to integrate faith and storytelling through his new company, Jellyfish Labs. His projects include What's in the Bible? and JellyTelly, which provides faith-based daily programming via the internet at